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 There is a running debate within our community and it’s not about climate change or the best way to grow tomatoes,  it’s over how in the world you pronounce the name of our town – Rutherfordton.

The following are just a few of the “acceptable” pronunciations…

  • Ruff’ton
  • Rolph’ton
  • Rudder4ton
  • Rullerfourton

Anyone fortunate enough to have visited our fair town knows that no matter how you say it, Rutherfordton is a truly special place.  Established in 1787, Rutherfordton is one of the oldest towns in Western North Carolina. Our founding along a ridge-line offers vistas of a rolling countryside, leading to a backdrop of the great Blue Ridge Mountains. Our history runs deep here and we are a community of firsts. You can still sense our past in the traditional historic brick buildings in downtown, as well as the stately antebellum homes that line our streets.

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 5.57.41 PMToday, we are known within the region for our unrivaled quality of life, the beauty of our place and our pride in our community. We provide a wealth of cultural and creative arts more commonly found in a large city and an abundance of outdoor recreation activities found only in more rural places. Our downtown is the heart of activity and energy in our community, where new discoveries are made everyday.

Perhaps our most unique claim is our singular place in the North Carolina gold rush, where an inventive spirit minted the first $1 gold coins in the United States. Bechtler minted over $2 million in gold coins and while continually inspected by federal authorities, the coins were always found to be of exceptional quality and purity; exceeding federal standards for US mints.

c_bechtler_one_dollar_30_grains_revThat purity and creative energy that was cast early in Rutherfordton’s history is alive and well in the community today. Whether it is the spirit of enterprise found in our independent downtown businesses, the rush of creativity evident in our cultural offerings, or the inventive fever being forged in our young minds, Rutherfordton continues to mint a quality of life that is the gold standard for Western North Carolina.